Grocery confessions

by Government Worker FI | Last Updated: February 9, 2020

I write a lot about our grocery budget. In fact, the Plutus Awards Weekly Roudup featured our post about how we feed our family of five for $1.25 per person per meal! But I never go into a lot of details about what we eat, or the groceries we buy. That changes this week with my first grocery confessions post.

Mrs. GovWorker and I have been big fans of MoneySavingMom, PrudentHomemaker, and FishMama for years. These women put our grocery budget to shame (For example, Prudent Homemaker will feed her family of 9 on $0.40 per day. For Everyone!!) They have bigger families than we do. And they spend less money that we do. A big part of these bloggers blogs is documenting every grocery shopping trip and every meal they plan. (i.e. “the grocery game”).

My Grocery Confessions

Before we can share our grocery confession, I want to share my grocery confession. Mrs. GovWorker conceives, plans, and executes our entire meal strategy. This is *a lot* of work. And she cooks a lot and spends a lot of mental energy “thinking” about groceries. I am eternally grateful for that. Occasionally, I’ll try to meal plan or go grocery shopping and it ends in disaster. A $200 grocery trip with key missing ingredients. Or I’ll have everything accounted for except school lunches. So, for the record, I just want to fully disclose that Mrs. GovWorker is awesome. Moreover, I know I don’t help in this area. I help out in lots of other areas around the house. But I know that this is an area where Mrs. GovWorker walks alone. (She is amazing).

picture of brunch food
We hosted a fabulous brunch this weekend!

A few notes about our grocery confessions

I have celiac disease and need to eat an entirely gluten free diet. We make all of our food gluten free. Occasionally, we’ll buy non GF food to send in the kids’ lunches.

In 2019, GovTween convinced us to become vegetarians. (Thanks to Greta Thunberg’s quest to save the planet). Mrs. GovWorker cooks entirely vegetarian. The younger 2 kids will still eat meat when they are with their grandparents. Also, Mrs. GovWorker bought some lunch meat for the younger 2 this month as a special treat.

Grocery Confessions- 1st Week of February

In the first week of February we went to the grocery store for 2 major shopping trips and spent $239.86 . In addition, we bought a bag of clementines for $2.99. Finally, we bought a quart of real maple syrup from one of Mrs. GovWorkers friends for $20. In total we spent ??? in the first 9 days of February.

Here’s copies of our receipts for the 2 major shopping trips.

woodmans receipt
aldi receipt

Here’s a list of our most expensive items:

Grocery Confessions- What we ate

Here’s a rundown of our dinners and other major meals in the first 1.5 weeks of February. The big highlight was a brunch we hosted to celebrate birthdays which had a french toast bake, an egg bake, and an apple crisp with yogurt.

picture of grocery haul
here is our grocery haul from Aldi

Did I mention we make almost all of our food from scratch? So the french toast involved baking bread from scratch, then tearing it up, and turning it into something else. The yogurt for the apple crisp? It came from a half-gallon of whole-milk.

What’s the meal plan for next week

Here’s what the meal plan looks like for our upcoming week. Check the blog next weekend to find out how we did?

menu for next week
Meal plan for the second week of February.

Tell me- did you like reading our grocery confessions? What’s your biggest grocery confession??